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Savage Shores

From the indefatigable Heather and Mark Rainsley… Savage Shores. Follow their progress as their new project unfolds – it’s going to be compelling reading for any British sea kayaker.

Kayaking is Not a Crime

The Welsh Canoeing Association (WCA) are currently lobbying the Welsh Assembly to introduce legislation which will confirm free access to the rivers of Wales. The power to introduce such legislation was transferred from Westminster to Cardiff last July, and we are currently in a position where Assembly members are seriously looking at the WCA proposals. […]

Paddle to travel or travel to paddle?

On the theme of environmental sustainability for Blog Action Day, consider for a moment the impact of your last paddling trip. The challenge is simple - to canoe more kilometres than you drive each trip. You can multiply the distance paddled by the number of paddlers, and divide the distance travelled by the number of […]