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Nature of Snowdonia Sample

A sample of the soon to be published Nature of Snowdonia by Mike Raine is now available. Just go to the webpage and scroll down to ‘Preview’.
Nature of snowdonia 2nd Edition

Scottish Rock Volume 2 (North) – 3rd Edition – Sample

A sample of the 3rd edition of Scottish Rock Volume 2 (North) is now available. Visit the web page and scroll down to ‘Preview’.
Scottish ock Volume 2 (North)

Files at the Printer for Scottish Rock

The files are at the printer and the proofs have been checked, so we are on schedule for our 1 May publication of the 3rd Edition of Scottish Rock –Volume 2 (North).


Scottish ock Volume 2 (North)

Nature of Snowdonia – 2nd Edition – Coming Soon

The fully revised and expanded 2nd Edition of Nature of Snowdonia is nearly ready, and will be published 20 April 2020. for more details and to order your copy check out the webpage.
Nature of snowdonia 2nd Edition