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Alpine Ski Touring – on website

Alpine Ski Touring now has its webpage. Visit the webpage for more details.

As soon as our distributors have added it to their system we will make it available to order. Watch this space.

Alpine Ski Touring

Alpine Ski Touring – coming soon

Alpine Ski Touring – selected ski tours in the European Alps, is going through the final checks and will be published early in the new year.

In order for it to be as up-to-date as possible, Bruce Goodlad has asked 13 other guides for contributions, the idea being that they have to know the area well and have toured there very recently.

As soon as we have a firm delivery date from the printers we will post further details. Watch this space!

Alpine Ski Touring

South West Trail Running has arrived!

South West Trail Running by Mark Rainsley has arrived at the warehouse and is looking great. For more details or to order your copy visit the webpage.South West Trail Running.

South West Trail Running – Order your copy now!

Publication date for South West Trail Running by Mark Rainsley is 1 November but you can order your copy now.
South West Trail Running